NEW - Never Ending Water

NEW – the worlds most efficient and sustainable way to supply clean water

It is a documented fact that access to clean water is one of the biggest challenges in the world. It is estimated by WHO and UNICEF that 1 out of 10 people lack access to safe water. For millions of people in the world, access to clean water literately makes the different between life and death.

The world lack a technology that can secure an efficient and sustainable supply of clean water to all people. A large problem in areas with poor electrical infrastructure and poor clean water ressources is to find stable and low cost solutions to meet the requirements of access to clean water. The most common solution to supply water in these areas is by extracting salt from seawater with fatale environmental consequences. Such solutions result in a large volume of salt as a by-product that have a big negative impact on the salt balance in the ocean due to the handling of this by-product.

Why not start supplying clean and sustainable water at low costs without damaging the ecosystem?

We can do better..


The NEW Solution

The NEW Solution is a technology that is designed to meet the requirements in arid and semi arid areas where humidity levels are a high. The solution is scalable to all quantities of water and can be costumized to meet any quality requirements, such as drinking water, household water, watering purposes, industrial purposes, irrigating purposes, and even recycling of waste water.

The NEW Solution can be based on 100% sustainable energy such as solar power, which makes it possible to work in environments without access to electricity. With the NEW Solution it is possible to use natural energy ressources and secure an environmentally friendly water supply, at very low cost per litre of clean water.


Clean water for all

The very low production costs in combination with a stable operation enables most low-income areas to gain from the NEW Solution. The environmentally friendly production do not harm the eco-system and prevent future damages, as the energy required for the production of fresh water are natural energy ressources from the sun.

The NEW Solution is performing significantly better than any other known water supplying technologies on costs, sustainability, flexibility, stability and effects on the eco-system.

NEW – the worlds most efficient and sustainable way to supply clean water.